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• 11/27/2017

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• 4/24/2016

Breaking News: Everybody Died!

That's right, I'm talking to myself, because EVERYONE ON THE WIKI HAS DIED. NOBODY HAS EDITED IN 2 MONTHS BESIDES GILLY EDITING 'Itallie Calendure'.
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• 2/16/2016

Testing Images

Some of these photos are for character's I haven't added yet. I just want to see if this works..
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• 1/28/2016


i think im in a corupted chunk when evr i come on te server shuts down
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• 1/25/2016

Things I Need For the Mod

1. A Promethean non-nimrolite sword texture. Use the same style as the Nimrolite Sword obsidianwizard made.\
More will be added soon.
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• 1/23/2016

I'm Going to Get a Server!

I talked to my Mom, and if I do the dishes, clean up the cat litter, and clean the house every day than she will give me 10 bucks for a server each month. So I might buy one today. I do want to warn you - it would have the LotR Mod and the MineFantasy Mod both installed.
MineFantasy is a mod that adds many things! It adds non-derpy dragons, a new smelting system, 50+ new weapons and 4+ new types of weapons.. A leather tanning system.. 4-7 different ores.. It's a huge WIP, but it already has that stuff and more. I noticed a few things missing, like certain tiers of gear, but we'll get it sorted out.
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• 1/15/2016


Please Do not make unneccessary comments on pages please
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• 1/11/2016

Daily Update No. 1

Hi, and welcome to the Daily Update series! This is where we talk about the Wiki and what's been going on. We'll also talk about my life, and the mod I'm making here.
The Wiki has over 115 pages now! Woo! If we can get 200, I can apply for our Wiki to be on the Wikia main page! Won't that be great?
My life has been going great. I'm at school right now, and I leave for a dentist appointment in half an hour. I had to miss a field trip for this, so this better be the best freaking dentist appointment I've ever had. Oh, and the principal is walking down the halls dressed like Darth Vader and attacking people with a toy lightsaber.
My Mod is going great too! I've finished Beta 1, it adds Celoth Fruit, the Void Dimension, and a Void Crystal Ore. Beta 2 will hopefully be out today. It will add Nimrolite, and fix some of the bugs that have been brought to my attention by 7777c, our valiant walking Bugtracker!
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• 1/10/2016

Here, Have Some Free Inspiration!

Need to be inspired? Minecraft certainly inspired me! Here are some screenshots to inspire you to make a page!
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• 1/9/2016

"Not Finished"

I have created a notice template as a reminder on the top of unfinished pages! I simply takes a few words to implement into your unfinished page. :). Just type in the following wikicode:


Complete this page as soon as possible!

Pretty cool, eh? Looks great, and has practical uses as well! It is your duty to apply these to your unfinished pages, and other's that you find.
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• 1/7/2016

My current projects.

Please leave all these topics to me.
Sand elves
Mountain elves
Zymvaga Empire
Pyre Nightgale
Temporal Order
Asrath city-state
War or the Gale
War of the Orange Vale
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• 12/25/2015


Merry Christmas!!!
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• 12/23/2015

New Wiki!
It's the Harry Potter Custom Lore Wiki! I may start a Harry Potter themed Minecraft server, with a modpack, so it might come in handy..
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• 12/21/2015

Binders are Evil

Today I got a new binder to put all my school stuff in to carry it around during the day. While trying to carry the binder out of music, because it was heavy and huge, I dropped Harry Potter and the Order of the Pheonix and it's spine broke. I was able to fix it with a bit of tape. Then, already feeling terrible, I went to buy my lunch. I bought a delicious sandwich. I took it to the lunch table to eat it, and then I saw that my binder was in the way. I sat down the tray with the sandwich to pick up my binder, and bumped the tray.. It fell off the table and my sandwich went onto the floor. I had to clean up the mess and buy a new sandwich. I'm thinking about burning this binder and everything in it..
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• 12/21/2015

Stuff N' Things?

First of all, don't put "This is my page; if u edit, i keel" on any unfinished pages. They gotta get done as fast as humanly possible (Don't take that as critisizm Dune; I know you're a busy guy). Second of all, we can make pages faster if we go scrounging through random events and stories on other wikis, and ask the owners of said stories if they're okay with you using it.
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• 12/20/2015

Unfinished Pages (Light 'Em Up, Up, Up)

I'm going to be very blunt here. Stop making WIP pages or I'll kill you and light your corpse on fire. It's really annoying. Do not create new pages until all of the old ones are complete.
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• 12/20/2015

Female Characters

It seems that there is an unbalance in the force XD there are much more male characters than female characters and male characters have longer pages lets ake more female characters
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• 12/20/2015


I have created the first useable navbox! A navbox is a useful utility found on the bottom of the page that, upon interacted with, opens up a menu of pages that categorized by race, characters, locations, and even items. The navbox I have created:

The Peredhel of Promethea

Aranuir •
Nan Pervan •
Nimrolite •
Nimrolite Blade •
Peredhel •
Gondorians •
Rohirrim •
High-elves •
Galadhrim Elves •

If you want a custom navbox one for one of your pages, ask me!
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• 12/14/2015

Good Job Team

I log on this morning, home sick feeling very nauseous. I look at the page count. 105 pages! I look at the Wiki Activity. Dune is back! Now I just want to say - great job with all the pages you're making guys! Keep up the good work!
PS: Someone remake the True Tom Bombadil page with better spelling and grammar.
PPS: Please refer to the Custom Lore Wiki as the CLW from now on, as it's a pain to type and I was probably drunk when I made the name.
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• 12/5/2015

An idea.

I think that it would be easiest on everyone if we organized pages about lore by user. This is because I couldn't possibly make a page for each feature of my lore, and, I think it would help new users more to know which lore belongs to which user. What do you think?
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