Amon Alqua, or "Swan Hill", is a mountain that sank in Beleriand during the First Age. It is known as Swan Hill because legend has it that a Mithril swan was hidden deep inside the mountains encircling it. This Mithril swan was so important because it was said that engraved on the belly of the swan was a spell that could end all evil if it was said correctly. If it was said wrong, something else could happen, most likely, something evil.


The species that lived here were Elves and swans. The elves were said to be one of the most powerful elves in all of Arda because of their ability to wield magic. The swans, on the other hand, were not ordinary ones. They were very big and had a beak made of pure Mithril. In fact this Mithril was the first to ever be created. Alas, the elves and the swans were said to all have drowned when Beleriand sank, but there might be a chance some had survived. This would mean an end to evil for good, if the spell is said correctly...