"If my power was in my weapon, what use would it be when I died?"

Anardil the Destroyer is the most powerful of the Lost Men of Udûn. He is the only one of the Lost Men of Udûn to not be captured or killed during the Battle of Pelennor Fields. He is the greatest swordsman in Middle-earh, fighting with the strength of an Uruk, the agility of an elf, and the doggedness of a man. He is also a very good at tracking people over long distances

History Edit

Anardil was already a very good fighter before he was corrupted by Sauron, but when he was turned, he was made to believe that he was abandoned by Gondor. After this, he was able to channel his rage into strength. Sauron knew that he could not afford to lose Anardil, so he taught him how to put his life into whatever he chose. Anardil, being very clever, chose to put his life in his anger, because he knew then that he could never die if he was in anger. After the defeat of Sauron, he assembled a group of Gundabad orcs to hunt down and kill the leaders of the free peoples of Middle-earth. Whenever Anardil the Destroyer is defeated, there is little reason to rejoice, because he will soon be back.

Allies and Enemies Edit

Enemies: Edit

  • All elves
  • All races of men, except those who were allied with Sauron
  • All dwarves
  • All who oppose him

Friends: Edit

  • All surviving orcs
  • Near Harad
  • Trolls