Aron is the first of the Ainu, the messenger of Eru, and the spirit of man's eternal thirst for adventure and knowledge.

Aron Edit

Aron was the first of the many immortal spirits created by Eru, the Ainur. He exists for the sole purpose of adventure, wandering, and knowledge. He is not Valar, nor is he Maiar. He was known by many for guiding all and every quest.

Race Edit

It is not know exactly what Aron is, only that he is an immortal spirit created by Eru. He is not Valar or Maiar, but he is immortal, all-seeing, and non-physical in most cases. But when he takes a physical form, he appears as a fair-haired teenager wearing elven armor and wielding a sword, probably to represent the young's thirst for adventure.

Faction & Role Edit

Aron has no particular role, faction, or loyalty, but he seems to favor men and elves, and is known to violently slaughter any creatures, servants, or masters of Morgoth. He takes the form of man, and is known to be most helpful to servants of Gondor and Rohan.

Achievements Edit

  • Guiding all adventurers to their destination.
  • Helping with the protection of the five world pillars.
  • Guiding adventurers to the corrupted soul of Cross, so that he could finally be cleansed.
  • Destroying the shrine of The Overlord.