The Kingdom of Arundalr or Konungariket Arundalr is a Shorilander kingdom located next to Everdale in the alpine valleys of the Cape of Forodwaith.

History Edit

Arundalr was founded in the middle Third Age by the Shorilander captain Harald Arun-King. He was a firm believer in the "manifest destiny" of the Shorilanders to civilize the wild lands of Middle-earth, and knew when he found the broad, fertile valley that this is how he would actualize this dream. Soon the towering Gothic Castle Arundalr was built, and the next king Vikar would reestablish contact and trade with the Shorilanders in the south. Harald II caused a war between Arundalr and the Trolls of the Forodwaith Mountains, which claimed his life and was only resolved when the shapeshifter King Bjearing wiped the trolls out of the valley. Vigbrands and Herbrand, his successors, had moderately prosperous reigns, with many Lossoth and Shorilanders coming to see the legendary ice carvings of the people of Arundalr. Under Kissa's reign the trolls returned and ravaged the countryside until Ollof Trollsinger learned their crude language and made a pact with them, ending the war.

Recent History Edit

Kissa's crown passed to Agnar upon his death, who carried on the pact between the Trolls and the Arundalar and sponsored building projects in the capital. Upon he and his wife's death in a shipwreck however, their inexperienced twin daughters Esje and Ajne took power during the time of the War of the Ring. Sauron, angry that the Arundalar had made an alliance with the trolls but still did not send troops to aid him, had one of his ringwraiths use his morgul blade to corrupt a Shorilander thane named Hansell, turning him into a wicked Cargul with no free will. Hansell, having been taken over by Sauron's power, infiltrated Arundalr, seducing the co-queen Ajne and then attempting to kill her, but the vengeful trolls and their king Peter Gynte captured Hansell and froze him in a block of ice, as Ajne married her childhood friend Kastrof, a reindeer herder of the inner Arundalr. Now, with the evil of Sauron vanquished, a strong winter sweeping over Arundalr, and Esje looking to marry Sigride the sister of Kastrof, Arundalr's future lies in the balance. No one knows what next will come........

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