The greatest hero of Resanor. He killed a thousand men. brought down a thousand orcs.

Bregolion Edit

Bregolion the Blood Elf was the greatest hero of Resanor. He brought down a thousand Wainriders during the Siege of Resanor in the late third age. He held a wraivorn sword, called Sercecet, Bloodfang in Quenya.

Race Edit

Bregolion was a Blood Elf of the kingdom of Resanor. He was fairly tall, standing around five feet ten inches. He had a slim build, but looked bulkier since he was rarely seen without armor. He despised orcs with a passion.

Faction and Role Edit

Bregolion was sort of a wanderer, and though he was born and raised within the walls of Resanor, he left to explore the endless expanses of Middle Earth. He came back to Resanor many times, however.

Weapons Edit

Bregolion was very skilled at swordplay and owned a Wraivorn sword that he called Sercecet. He also learned how to shoot a bow and is fairly good at using spears and battleaxes. His sword absorbed the soul of whoever it killed, becoming stronger. The sword was polished and colored black, with a ruby in the hilt. The edge was tipped with the poison of Morgorite, and the handle had a black leather grip.

Achievements Edit

  • Fending off the Wainriders during the siege of Resanor.
  • Taking control of the far northern Black Mountains so his people had access to Morcarite.