Copn Edit

Copn the Wizard was an actual wizard. He was a leader of the Free Easterlings during and before the war of the ring. After the war of the ring, he took off to seek his fate, and to this day no one knows where he is... Well, thats what the story tellers say anyway, but I will be telling you the true story of Copn, or should I say Lorgan III, son of the king, Lorgan II who was named after Lorgan . Yes Copn was the son of the king. His real name might have been Copn, or it might have been Lorgan III. You can never tell, as Lorgan II's real name could have been something different, and have changed his name to mask the chieftain from long ago, Lorgan. either way, This man now goes by the name Copn the Wizard, not because he is a wizard, but because he pretends to be a wizard, using a magical ring to deceive people. This trick is something Easterling commonly use. It is called intimidation. the Easterlings had their helmets shaped like dragons to intimidate the enemy, as well as many other forms the Easterlings used. Anyway, enough confusing you. All you need to know is that one night, out of hate for his kingdom (not his father, like many) ran away to join a group of rebels he had heard about. Don't ask me where he heard the new, I know not. This is where I will become like Copn, and let you see though his eyes, feel through his hands, and taste the rage that he has encountered. If you are willing to listen, you will know the full knowledge that Copn has known. Are you willing to step into his shoes?