Darksyt Obtaining Edit

Darksyt is a very special metal, only used by The Eldadain. It is very rare, for it is rare for the Blackbeard Dwarves to trade Morcarite.

Darksyt is an alloyed metal. Made by alloying Morcarite, Iron, and top grade Glowstone from the Orocarni. To get it, you must first have a special forge made with a metal called Nimrolite (There is only one forge). Then this forge must be super-heated in a very dark place (hence Darksyt) where the metals can alloy together making a very useful metal.

Darksyt Uses Edit

Darksyt has two things about it. One, it glows when danger to the bearer is near. See on a normal Eldadain, it wouldn't glow near Gondorians. But on a Dark Eldadain it would. Two, its weapons are special. When Eldadain Enchanters cast a unique spell on the weapons, it would return if lost to it's rightful owner. If you have a bow, and shot Darksyt arrows, It would return after hitting it's mark.

For Armor, it is different. The Darksyt armors made by special Eldadain, who will make your dominant hand glove glow when Orcs or Evil Men are near (Or if you're a Dark Eldadain, when Men and Durin's Folk are near). Darksyt is a very hard metals, so the Eldadain use mattocks made of Darksyt and mine for more iron, silver, and gold. On Fortress guard towers (Not at Hinaras Kinsif) Crossbows will shoot large Darksyt bolts, that would decimate large armies. The only race Darksyt can't harm is Eldadain themselves, and it's really wierd. During the Eldadain Civil war (Sometime in the 2nd Age) The Eldadain would charge and smack each other but the Darksyt just only bounced off skin. Gawaine is known for his Darksyt Bow, Tala'Sinar. His sword, Carin Aravire, is made of the same metals that made Gondlinian blades.