The Eastern Elven Empire was the strongest nation of the time around SA 350. These are the elves that Nalt Illska Originated from.

Physical Characteristics Edit

The Eastern Elves are basically normal galadhrim elves but with a lot more stealth and ability of deception.

Culture & Domain Edit

They have no specific culture, but their culture most resembles Galadhrim elves which they are said to have originated from. They live in the edges of Rhun and wilderland.

Military Edit

They use Green and Brown colored elven forged armor to help blending into the terrain. They use katana like swords with a tonto like blade as a backup. And like all elves, they use a bow.

History Edit

The Eastern Elves as said earlier originate from the Galadhrim elves and have close ties to them. They are also said to be the main founders of the great Nalt Illskan empire to come almost a century later.

Leaders Edit

Anarandil "Nightgale"

Enemies/Allies Edit

Enemies Edit


Red Dwarves

All other factions that challenged them

Allies Edit


Sand Elves

Mountian Elves