The Everdale is a hidden elven kingdom in the mountains of Forodwaith.

History Edit

Everdale was founded by Fingolfin's sister Irime in the early Second Age, her having survived the battles of Beleriand with her marriage to a Green-elven lord of Ossiriand. After the War of Wrath, she, her husband, and 500 other green-elves and Noldor went north to found a secret haven in Forodwaith. They located a hidden valley in the mountains of the Cape where one of the shards of Illuin had fallen, allowing life to survive the extreme alpine arctic terrain. There Irime and her retainers settled, building a city out of the native wood, called Athelorios or the Leaves of the Frost. Everdale would remain a legend throughout the second, third, and possibly the fourth age, the elves there living a secure but lonely life. But little-known to them or they to the others, literally only ten miles across the mountains was another secret vale, called Arundalr, settled by the prolific Shorilander race.

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