Farnin is a dwarf of the Durin's Folk who is part of a powerful and ancient bloodline, The Macebearers. An ancient family of paladins and upholders of Durin's Might, they inherited and discovered a mace of unparallaled strength and quality. Ever since it has been past down from generation to generation, each owner improving and reshaping it to their image. One of the mace's interesting qualities is that it's origins are unknown and vary between RPs and legends.

Farnin is a vassal of Dain II Ironfoot and even owns his own fief, Khazad Sarkhah. Although Farnin has his own quirks, for one he has the mental disability Aspergers, now commonly considered as high-functioning Autism. He also fights back a curse, the curse of vampirism, he is known to rise from the grave as an undead vampire, a ruthless servant of Sauron and unchallenged survivor.