Gathod is a large semidesert region southeast of the Sea of Rhun and home to the Balchoth tribe of Easterlings.

Geography Edit

Most of Gathod is a dry steppe, a flat plain covered in brown grasses and with no trees of flowers. The area by the Sea of Rhun is more fertile, and used as grazing ground for the Balchoth's horses. In this more fertile region also lies the merchant city of Mistrand, a main trade center for the various cultures of the Sea of Rhun. In the center of Gathod lies a white desert, avoided by the Balchoth and other travelers through this parched land.

History Edit

Gathod, like the other regions of the Rhun steppe, was formed at the start of the Second Age when the Sea of Helcar drained. The Balchoth, who had formerly lived in the northern forests together with the Bron and several other Near Easterling tribes, migrated south unto the newly revealed open steppe of Gathod. From there they launched their attacks on Gondor and still remain as nomadic clans.