This sword was once held by Faenor of the Silver Laurel.. But it was destroyed when he took on Gothmog during the War of the Jewels..

Destruction Edit

Glanlass was held by Faenor originally, but when Faenor went to the battlefield to defeat Gothmog lord of the Balrogs, Gothmog trod on the sword and destroyed it. Nevertheless, Faenor downed an army of war trolls with the help of Electhor. Nobody knew where it went after, but some said that an orc took the shards..

Finding and Reforging Edit

Andarr Halfelven found the sword with an orc skeleton in the middle of the sea where Beleriand used to be. At first he did not know who it belonged to, but he heard from an elf that fought in the War of the Jewels that Faenor used to wield it. Andarr took it to Rivendell where it was reforged into a new sword, yet with the same name, in tribute to it's original master.

Appearance Edit

Glanlass was made of the finest elven steel, and edged with an unbreakable glass called Peritransite. The hilt was decorated with glittering gold and shining jewels such as ruby and sapphire. It was said to keep Balrogs at bay with a sort of invisible force field.