The Gondorian Age of Chaos was a time on the Fifth Age when Gondor was divided into many warring principalities and kingdoms, after having suffered heavy losses from the war against Nalt Illska. With the Death of Romendacil VII, The princes Aingeru of Andrast and Senyarion of Anfalas revolted to claim independence, and the revolts eventually led to the total collapse of authority and the King's role becoming purely ceremonial.

Political Situation Edit

Dol Amroth led by Pannion, Lebennin led by Culion VII, and Ithilien led by Farathmor were the strongest of the Princes, with Dol Amroth ruling Mornan and Lebennin ruling the Ringlo. However, the Princess of Ithilien Tinuviel, the Prince of Anfalas Elendor, and the Prince of Andrast Otxoa retained strong positions in the north and west respectively. Little would they know however, that the order would be restored by a native Harondorian descended directly by the female line from Arwen herself.