Hirgon was the beloved Lord of Dol Amroth. He was revered by all in Dor-En-Ernil, until he was slain by the Dark Army.

History Edit

Hirgon was born sometime in the mid Fourth Age, to Lord Vargon and an unnamed mother. At a young age, Hirgon learned how to fight with a sword, and always won when the children of Dol Amroth played war. As he grew, he sharpened his skill, and by the time he was an adult he had won multiple battles for the Silver Swan. At the age of twenty-three, he became Lord of Dol Amroth.

Son's Death Edit

Hirgon had a son, whom he named Hirgon II. His son frequently went out into the wilderness to hunt orcs. One day, Prince Hirgon was attacked by soldiers of Cair Andros. King Hirgon immediately got news of this and decided an evil force must be whispering into the mind of Cair Andros' Lord. He recruited some mercenaries, who successfully found the spirit who was corrupting Cair Andros. The spirit posessed Prince Hirgon, but with a bit of force remembered himself. The Prince expelled the spirit from his body, killing himself. His father was grieved to hear of his death, but proud of his sacrifice.

Attack on Dol Amroth Edit

Shortly after the Cair Andros incident, the spirit, now revealed as Seregon the Void Lord, created an army of Uruks to destroy Hirgon. The army attacked Dol Amroth, burned the castle, killed many guards and citizens, and finally got to the king. The king made a final stand, and when he realized his death was inevitable, he cracked the throne with one fell swoop, so that nobody could use it again. Shortly after, he was slain by Seregon.