Jojor, or just Jojo, was the fattest Dwarf that ever existed. He was the Last King of the Blackbeards. He was fatter than Bombur of Erebor in 7 times, and couldn't exactly stand up straight. He ate approximately 191 Blogies (Black juicy worms, size about 18 centimeters), 1398 califries (potatoes that grew in the Black Mountains), 36 whales, and 19 Fish burgers (burgers made out of calories, whale meat, and Blogies) per day, not including the snacks he had every 15 minutes. When he wasn't eating, he was sleeping. Jojo is believed to become King by crushing Steward King with his weight.

The Red Treaty is broken Edit

When the Blackbeards no longer had food to feed Jojo, the Dwarves went to the foothills of the Orocrani. The Red Dwarves did not like this, for more and more supplies were lost. Tron the Red King attacked the Blackbeards, and slaughtered them. Open War has begun. Jojor the Fat's foes suffered heavily from the weight of Jojo. No arrow could pierce all the fat he had. Tron successfully killed Jojor the Fat, but he had been fatally crushed by Jojor's falling headless body. Thus, the Black Mountains fell, for no supplies did the Blackbeards have left, and slowly became slaves to the all free people....