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Kluud the Pure is the leader of all evil in the Dark Lands, and a powerful Tytoan commander who commands the Empire of Tyto.

Biography Edit

Kluud's early history is not very well-known. He was born to Morriyar and Estrella in the early Fourth Age, and was said to have killed his parents and siblings at a young age. He made a great voyage to Endore where he studied the art of battle with the Orcs of Mordor, and forged his legendary Wraivorn armor. He then headed back to Tyto, and quickly seized power through his charisma. He then preceded to wage war on the Hu'uthis, a war that still continues today.

Personality Edit

Kluud was cold, subtle, and extremely charismatic. He enjoyed a violent death, and yet never slaughtered innocents openly. He prefered a more.. Subtle approach. One that involved torture and manipulation.