Ktoli was an average Tauredain Warrior of Ka'ax Toliath, before he was snatched by the Crimson Pyromancers in the middle of the night.

Ktoli Edit

Ktoli was a loyal citizen of Ka'ax Toliath. He fought many battles for his kingdom, and he killed dozens of Moredain. He was even promoted to the rank of Lieutenant, and led the Tauredain into battle against it's enemies. But one night, Crimson Sorcerers broke into his home, and took him to the Red Vale.

Race Edit

Ktoli was a native Tauredain, a citizen of Ka'ax Toliath. He had dark skin, green war paint on his face, and dark hair. His eyes were amber, and when he looked at you he seemed to scan you.

Faction & Role Edit

Ktoli started as a mere soldier in Ka'ax Toliath, but eventually, with many Moredain kills under his belt, he was promoted to the rank of Lieutenant. When he disappeared, it was believed that he deserted, but everyone who knew him knew that he would never desert.

Achievements Edit

  • Slaying the Moredain Firestarter, Harir.
  • Killing dozens of Moredain Warriors in battle.