Lóni son of Róin was a Blackbeard dwarf. He was used as a spy by the Blackbeard dwarves because of how... unusual he looked for a dwarf. He was quite tall for a dwarf and was shaped similarly to a man. He also had a face that had a similar shape to that of an elf. He could even pass as an orc with the right armor because of his eyes. All of these features combined made him a good spy who could operate among many different races.

History Edit

When Lóni was born, it was quite evident that he was different from most dwarves. By the age of 10, Róin could see that Lóni looked like three different races combined. He then thought of a plan to prepare Lóni without him noticing: He gave him lessons in acting. When he was an adult dwarf, Lóni could see that he could use his talents to become an excellent spy. Little did he know that his father had been hoping that Lóni would become a spy without having the idea suggested to him. Throughout his career, Lóni had stolen plans, assassinated leaders, and was the main reason that the Blackbeard dwarves won many battles. Of all his missions, though, his most famous was his last.

Lóni's Greatest Achievement Edit

One of the greatest achievements of Lóni the Backstabber happened in the final moments of his life. During one of the largest conflicts between Promethea and the Blackbeard dwarves to ever occur, Lóni the Backstabber had worked his way up through the ranks of the Peredhel and was now posing as Salgant, a close friend of Haldaron, the third king of Promethea. Haldaron wielded an especially powerful Nimrolite Blade simply named "The End." It could cleave through 5 sets of Wraivorn armor before even losing speed. All people of Middle-earth knew this, and that's why Lóni decided his life was worth sacrificing to make sure it was never wielded again. Haldaron was marching his troops along the side of a large cliff with rapids so deadly that even Syuvia could not swim through them when Lóni came sprinting up to him as if he had incredibly important news. When Haldaron was in the middle of asking him what could ever be so important, Lóni tackled him and sent both of them falling to be shredded by the rocks. Haldaron's troops frantically ran to where the rapids ended, but neither their king's body, his killer's body, or the Nimrolite Blade were found. When the next battle came, the Peredhel suffered their worse loss ever without "The End."