Queen of Darkness Edit

Malaeevar used to be a cheerful, funny, and happy elf. She use to care for creatures among the world and life on Middle Earth. She would always lend a helpful hand and always create happiness among people. But then one day while visiting Mirkwood she came across a black orb. She touched it and it changed her personality. She became darkness and ruled it. She was vile and now she rests within Mirkwood. She has no master and nor hails anyone. She is neutral in ways.

Race Edit

She was an Elf. But now legends tend to call her a different race called the Venya. She was Noldor. But time seemed to fade her away from the noldor.

Weapons Edit

She has a bow that is engulfed by darkness and she plans to create weapons of destruction. She also has a dagger that is still used by her even though there is no darkness within it. She still holds tiny specs of her old self. She also has a Ring that she forged her self out of Darkness. The Ring of Darkness. She uses it to control other life beings.

Achievements Edit

  • She once was captured by the Mirkwood elven guards. But managed to escape in some sort of way.
  • She managed to corrupt any light in her way.
  • She can corrupt any creatures or race.