Lore Edit

The Moon Elves of Tolithil (Oren) are a group of Cosmic Elves, the others including Sun and Star Elves. Long ago the Moon Elves and Sun Elves fought a great war, while the Star Elves were neutral. Two-thousand years of fighting weakened the Cosmic Elves enough for the Darkness From The Sea to strike, decimating Sun Elves on the Sun Isles, Tolanor and the other three. The Sun Elves then sought to marry the Sun and Moon together ending the two-thousand year war but leaving the Sun Isles uninhabitable. So thus Northern Tolithil became home to Sun Elves and Talanor (City of the Sun). Talithil or Silvanost, the capital of the Moon Elves was also established after Old Silvanost was destroyed in the War of the Stars, which was when the two groups of elves were at war. Talithil is also known to be home to few Silver Elves that fled east after Celeb-Tal was destroyed.

Royalty Edit

The Royal Family and few minor houses of the Moon Elves are known to be descended from the God of Moon and Stars. King Valos Moonthorn is known to be the strongest user of his godly parentage powers. He is also known to have the magical ability to appear anywhere on the world at anytime except for Noon exact.

Equipment and Metals Edit

The Moon Elves are known to be great users of glaives, two-handed swords, axes and hand-crossbows. Whereas the Sun Elves are more skilled with longswords, shields, and bows. The Moon Elves and Sun Elves have their special alloy. The Moon Elves having Moonsteel, being an alloy of Steel and Moonsilver. Moonsilver being created by a magical spell used by Priests of the Moon. It is stronger then normal steel and shines when danger is near, like Gondolinian Blades. Moon Elves and Sun Elves are known to be heavy armor users, except for Rangers of the Moon, going forth in Hithlain which is not common so far east.

Diplomacy Edit

Allies Edit

Sun Elves (Kinship)

Star Elves (Neutral)

O'Khasis (Neutral)

House Thorne (Allies)

Enemies Edit

Easterlings (Enemy)

Darkness (Religion)

Major People Edit

Moon King of Oren: Valos Moonthorn, Third King of Oren.

Queen of the Moon: Varia Moonthorn, Fourth Queen of Oren. (Deceased)

Prince of Oren: Aliyos Moonthorn, Son of Valos, Ward of Theoden.

Forger of the Stars: Dagros Stararrow, blacksmith to the Royal Families.

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