The Obokoza are a variety of dog native to the jungles of Far Harad who are used as hunting dogs by the Ayakaba . They represent a middle step in the domestication of wolves into dogs, retaining characteristics of both.

Physical Description Edit

Obokoza are some of the largest of dogs, being 30 inches high on average and weighing around 55 pounds. Bitches are generally similar in size and stature to their Hound counterparts, and they are used for the same purposes. Their stiff hairs allow them to track through the rainforest undetected, and they can smell their prey distinctly from the rest of the rainforest smells. Their brown fur also serves as camouflage, and their jaws are adapted to bite hard and carry their prey's bodies to their pack dens or the houses of their owners.

Social Behaviour Edit

Obokoza are a very social animal, organized into closely-knit packs in the wild. They have a elaborate system of ranks and merits, one still not fully understood by the Ayakaba. In the wild, the packs often have fearsome rivalries, and will occasionally kill and cannibalize each other over disputes. Tamed Obokoza, however, are more docile, and refuse to hunt their wild kindred.

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