Queen Claire of Gondor, born Clayra Abashimonel, was the unlikely heir to the Gondorian throne who reestablished power after the Gondorian Age of Chaos.

Childhood Edit

Clayra was born Fifth Age 369 in the small hamlet of Minastris in Harondor. Raised by her parents the famous general Taswell and his wife Ivriniel, she lived mostly unaware of her royal ancestry and her destiny to rule Gondor. She grew up with those who would later become her council members - Merielda and Eirielda, twin sisters, as well as Costandin and Padchir. She took an early interest in linguistics, studying not only Harondorim and Sindarin but also Quenya and Mitauvilk, the native language of the Gondorian Peasantry.

Early Adulthood and the Fall of Minastris Edit

Later on, she fell in love with a handsome young man named Mors, yet tragically days before their wedding the forces of the Easterling Khatuun Lunghur killed him and her parents in a devastating assault on Minastris that left only her and her close friends alive. After this event, she fled to the Sultanate of Akhor, where she petitioned Sultan Abathanardu to conquer Harondor and install her as a vassal ruler. Suprisingly, the plan worked, and Clayra became Amira of Harondor.

Rise of the Queen Edit

Abathanardu died of the Crimson Flu a few years later, and the nobles of Akhor ended up electing Clayra as Sultan. Unsure what to do with her newfound power, she built a new capital at Minastris, moving it away from the city of Gibil on the Akhorite Coast. Though her kingdom prospered, soon she was attacked by a coalition of Haradrim Sultans led by Haram of Chelkar. With the help of Dol Amroth, she successfully drove them off and became enthroned the puppet Serpent Lord of Harad by the Dol Amrothi Prince.

With the support of Harad and Dol Amroth, she stood poised to reclaim the throne of Gondor. Though she faced much resistance in Lebennin and Ithilien, she eventually reached the royal court of Minas Tirith, where the old and childless King proclaimed her as his successor for her popular support in both Gondor and Harad and her efforts to mend the wounds between the peoples.

With the endorsement of the King, she led her armies to conquer the western Princes, and despite the general populace being somewhat displeased with her foreign origins at first, many commended that she had restored unity to the Gondorians. With her mission complete, Clayra took her title as Tar-Claire of Gondor and Ar-El Claire of Harad. The new royal capital of Minastris, with its great subterranean delvings, would prosper for years to come.