I have the strength of a Great Troll of the North, my hide is tougher than your hides of steel! I am the greatest of the Great Trolls, elf. will crush your skull like a tin sheet!

-Rogash confronting Aranuir

Rogash - Traits Edit

Rogash is the most powerful Great Troll of the Torogamar who ever lived. His birth date is unknown, but he is presumed to have entered Arda in the First Age, as the Great Trolls only increase in strength as they age. Rogash bears the immense bulk of a Great Troll, and stands at a hulking height of 14 feet. Rogash is not fat, unlike other trolls, so his strength is legendary; he can hold two trolls in opposing hands at the same time with little difficulty. He is also uncommonly intelligent. One can compare Rogash to a dragon, both are immense creatures of great strength and will. Rogash is brown-skinned, with a tinge of red, with blood-red eyes, and no hair. Though he has no hair on the top of his head, he is almost as hairy as a (in real life) gorilla, which gives him a strange appearance.

Race Edit

Rogash is a Great Troll, as stated above. Great Trolls are the elite mountain trolls mutated by an unknown source. No Great Trolls are under 11 feet tall, and all can handle normal Trolls like how a Troll handles an orc. All Great Trolls inhabit the Torogamar.

Faction & Role Edit

Rogash is among the race of the Great Trolls, which isn't really a faction. All Great Trolls that live in the Torogamar (all of them) are equal, meaning Rogash would not have a role. He is highly respected among them, though.

Weapons & Powers Edit

Rogash's strongest weapon is his muscle, weight, and fist. His fists are capable of punching through solid steel, and if that isn't enough, the force behind his blow shall send the opponent flying backwards, with broken bones. His weight can also crush a man like a pancake, his body literally weights a ton (2000 pounds). He is not capable of any magical attacks.