Saiki Takuya was the last Shogun of the Meiyo, he was Shogun from TA 3 to TA 14 when he died in battle against the Arnorian army.

Traits Edit

He posesses all the traits that are respected and honored by the Meiyo, he is also a bit reckless.

Backstory Edit

Saiki was born near the end of the second age, and he quickly was recognized by the Shogun before him Mihara Washichi as a worthy successor to the throne of the Meiyo. Before the battle he went to the most honored and respected people in the Meiyo society. The Seven Warlocks, each representing a single trait honored by the Meiyo. They gave him Immortality, but he did have a weakness, his left heel. He died in the battle of Lond Daer from an arrow wound in his left heel.

Race Edit


Weapons Edit

He wields duel crystal blades named Crysn & Cryivin.

Achievements Edit

  • Single greatest warrior in Meiyo society
  • Most respected and honored Shogun
  • Slew almost half of the Arnorian army alone.