Sandsteel is a valuable material for the Near Haradrim. It is stronger than tin, copper, and iron combined, although it is not the strongest.

Appearance Edit

Sandsteel is hard to recognize. When in ore form, it is slightly gray. When in ingot form, it in tan, like sand, with a hint of gold.

Obtaining Edit

Sandsteel is found mostly in the desert, therefore Harondor and Near Harad. It is also found in the arid, sandy plains of Rhun. It is made slowly by sand particles mixing with iron particles. It can only be found deep underground.

Uses Edit

Sandsteel is used to create swords, bows, axes, and all sorts of different weapons for the Near Haradrim. This material is also used by a few Easterling clans, as well as the Variags, to make pikes. As Rhun and Near Harad are both bordering the sea, both of these factions use Sandsteel in their ships and cannons. These are also used in siege weaponry, such as ballistae and battering rams.