The Sarpas are a tribe indigenous to the northeastern regions of Tol Hith.

History Edit

The Sarpas are close relatives of the Limwaith, and their ancestors settled on the island in the First Age together with the ancestors of the Kurakakun, Tuktani, and Gizri. The four groups quickly diverged, each settling a quarter of the archipelago. The Sarpas took residence in the northeastern swamps, at war with the Tuktani until they were conquered by the Rangers of the South. They and the Kurakakun soon allied with these mariners, who had defeated their main foe. The Sarpas quickly joined the Rangers of the South, and they interbred heavily with the rangers helping influence their culture. Now the Rangers, Sarpas, and Kurakakun fight against the rising Gizri Empire in the southern islands.

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