Seaite is one of the rarest metals in middle earth. It is found only in underwater ravines where water has a chance to blend into iron/gold/copper ores.

Appearance Edit

Seaite appears turquoise when in ingot form, but when in ore form is slighty darker blue with a tint of purple.

Obtaining Edit

Seaite is only found in the oceans, in underwater ravines/caves. It is one of the few metals that can be man-made by using nature. It can be made by leaving iron/gold/copper in the saltwater of the ocean for at least 6000 years.

Uses Edit

Seaite is used to create seaite scimitars for the Syuvia, flexable but hard to break armor. Seaite is used in Syuvia battleships to protect the hull of the ship from cannon fire. At times this ore is used in the cities that the Syuvia made. King Pyrder's crown is made of this metal.