The Serindian Empire, or simply Serindia, is a nation that broke off from the Eastern Elven Empire late in the Second Age, establishing a powerful empire in southeastern Rhun.

History Edit

The Serindian Empire's history begins in the early Second Age, when the Eastern Elven Empire established a colony in eastern Rhun, conquering several Avari tribes which would later be the ancestors of modern-day Serindians. Serindia grew powerful, with the great cities of Minas Vularionath, Tirithsiliana, and Serndiandiliae growing to major urban centers. Over time, Eastern Elven power waned and the Serindians grew distrustful of their leaders. Led by their ancient founder Idrioalthaorien, the Serindians overthrew their Eastern Elven Rulers and created a powerful nation.

Later in the Third Age, the Blue Wizards Alatar and Pallando settled in Serindia, becoming personal advisors to the monarchs. Pallando, known as Ramgasdruil to the Serindia, soon became the right hand man of Emperor Ramânawenûz, and still serves as an important official under the current Empress, Ramashe R'Margina L'Rambath.

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