Sirayn, the "Land of Gold and Salt" is a powerful federation of merchant kingdoms located in the hills of the northern savanna, between Near Harad and the Moredain tribes.

History Edit

Sirayn was originally settled by the ancient Apysani, the ancestors of the Near Haradrim, the Chyan, and one of the ancestor groups of the Rajians. Under the subjugation of the Everlasting Sun Empire, the region prospered, as reserves of gold were found in the hills of the region. Yet when the Everlasting Sun Empire fell, the first of the Siraynic Kingdoms, Kirmlesra, also fell, packing control of the vital Salt needed to cross the desert into Near Harad.

Chennachatt rose in Kirmlesra's place in the Second Age, with salt being found in the oases just to the north. Chennachatt's famous king, Mazar Bakari, caused an economic collapse in late Second Age Near Harad when he donated vast reserves of gold plentifully to the locals, inadvertently causing an economic depression as gold was now nearly worthless.

Chennachatt fell during the middle Third Age, as the warrior people of Isra established dominance over Sirayn. Asukai the Great established a powerful sphere of influence over the Moredain, and provoked the initial Moredain-Tauredain war to further his family's fortunes as traditional weaponmakers. Yet by the time of the War of the Ring, Chennachatt had fallen, and Sirayn was monce more a tributary state of the Near Haradrim.

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