The Custom Lotr Wiki is a new wiki, so there are few staff members. This page is to inform you about the current staff members, and some stuff about them


Staff Edit

Currently, there are only two admins on this wiki. More will be added in time. Feel free to add info, staff members!

User:VideoGamer0516 (Owner) is not an admin, but far greater; the creator of this wiki! He is also the creator of the Black Archives mod!

LegoSword  VideoGamer0516, Lord of Dol-Aronarr (Send me a quest request!)

User:Gil~Galad of the Fair Realm (Admin) is the most intelligent cat the universe ever saw, and an and admin on the wiki. After the Crisis of ToA, he now searches through the Black Archives, editing old articles, and making new ones.

SwordGondolin   Gil~Galad, King of the Fair Realm (Send a messenger!) Lembas

User:Obsidianwiz (Co-Owner/Admin) is a fellow player from the LotR minecraft mod. He has been promoted to Co-Owner due to his activeness and edits on the wiki, and will try to improve it as much as he can. He helps with the Black Archives mod, along with Videogamer and 7777c.

SarumanStaff  Obsidianwiz, the Purple Wizard (Send a sacrifice!)

User:7777c (moderator) is a fellow LotR mod for minecraft player. He is the King of the White Uruks, and a moderator on the wiki. He is part of the Black Archives Minecraft Mod team.

 WhiteUrukScimitar   Apocalypse (7777c), King of the Mountains (Send a warg!) MithrilIngot

Dunethunder76mx (Moderator) is a minecraft server owner and a friend of VideoGamer. He is a mod, as well as rollback, on the wiki. He too helps with the Black Archives mod, in textures and pixel art.