Sun Elves Edit

The Sun Elves are a group of Cosmic Elves that lived upon Tolanor and now live on Tolithil.

Lore Edit

The Sun Elves were one of the three Cosmic Elf groups, being split up by war. The Sun and Moon Elves fought a two-thousand year long war, before the Darkness-From-The-Sea came. It decimated most Sun Elves upon the Sun Isles, forcing them to end the The War of the Stars. The Sun Elves went to their long time enemy the Moon Elves and sought a place to live, and married the two Royal Families together (Moonthorn and Sunblade.) The Moon Elves accepted, and gave Northern Tolithil to them, which the Sun Elves built a tree-fortress, called Talanor, or Qualinost. Due to their old home Qualinost being destroyed. It is also said that a group of Moon and Sun Elves moved Far West into the Lands of Men.

Royalty Edit

The Royal Family of the Sun Elves, being Sunblade is descended from the God of the Sun, which Zane RoMeave has slain, which makes the Sun Elves hate Zane. Aliyos Moonthorn is also the child of the Sun and Moon, when they married. He can use weak Moon and Sun powers. Naylos Sunblade, King of the Sun Elves, is the strongest user of Sun Powers of his line.

Equipment and Metals Edit

The Sun Elves are known to be great users of Guardian and Hunter-type class equipment, being great users of Shield-Sword techniques and amazing Marksman but never able to rival that of Legolas. The Sun Elves have a special alloy like the Moon Elves, called Anor-Steel, which is made from steel and Sunstone. Sunstone is common stone upon both Tolanor and Tolithil. Moonstone is slightly more rare. When made into a sword is glows when danger is near like that of Gondolin. However made into armor, in a fight it blinds the enemy and also plays tricks with their mind. It is stronger then steel like Moonsteel.

Diplomacy Edit

Allies Edit

Moon Elves (Kinship)

Star Elves (Neutral)

Men of Good (Neutral)

Enemies Edit

O'khasis (Hatred)

Wainraiders (Enemy)

Darkness (Religion)

Major People Edit

Sun King: Naylos Sunblade, Lord of the Sun and Stars.

Queen of the Sun: Aria Sunblade, Queen of the Sun and Stars.

Prince of the Sun: Aliyos Moonthorn, Child of Sun, Stars and Moon.

Forger of the Stars: Dagros Stararrow, Blacksmith of the Royal Families.

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