The Celebtaurë (Silver Forest) is the vale of the White Stag of Orõme, bearer of the Ring of the Beast, and home to many other sacred animals.

Location Edit

The Silver Forest is located at a medium sized island near Numenor. Few hunters know of its location, but if they did, they would be drawn here to hunt because of the beautiful natural features (Pure white trees) and majestic animals (Silver stags and the White Stag of Orõme).

Inhabitants Edit

The Celebtaurë is home to many sacred animals, created by Orõme the Valar of the hunt himself. These sacred animals include pure-white stags, silver eagles, and very deadly golden bears, who have hides as tough as gold, but don't attack unless anything in the sacred forest is harmed. It has also been said Orõme himself hunts here one every age.

Landscape Edit

This forest is no ordinary green and brown forest; but a cloud-forest on an island filled with pure-white trees, said to be from the same order of the tree of Numenor; Nimloth (White Tree). Most of the ground is covered with foot tall grass, and the magical fruit Celoth; a large silver colored apple when, upon eating, closes all the consumers wounds. Celoth only drops from the white trees of the Celebtaurë, like how an apple tree drops apples.

Etymology Edit

Celebtaurë means "Silver Forest".

Notable Treasures Edit

The Celebtaurë forest contains the legendary Ring of the Beast, and the majestic hides of the slain sacred animals.