The Graednan are a peculiar race of man. Many historians agree they were descended from the Beornings, because of their huge, bulky stature and culture. But everyone agrees on one thing; they are very, very dangerous.

Traits Edit

The Graednan are very tall and muscular. The average height of a grown Graednan is seven and a half feet. They were believed to be almost as strong as trolls; they could duel-wield battleaxes like how a an elf duel-wields swords. Most of them had thick, short hair with beards. They usually had brown to black eyes. Most lived an average of three hundred years. They also had some magical traits; they could speak to bears.

Culture & Domains Edit

The Graednan are known for their wild culture. They lived and hunted in the wilderness with bears as pets and companions. They were actually quite civilized and had a language along with many towns. Most Graednan lived in huge, tall longhouses made of lumber. Others lived in enormous holes carved into the trees of Mirkwood. The Graednan lived in the northern Mirkwood Hills, where few orcs, men, or dwarves venture. The Graednan absolutely despised the orcs of Dol Guldur, but hated warfare alike the ents. But if they were to be roused... Their wrath would be terrifying.

Military Edit

The Graednan actually did not have a military. But if they did; it would be devastating. They did have weapons though, most used human-sized steel battleaxes, which when used by the Graednan, duel-wielded, were powerful enough to cut mithril and push the opposer back a few feet.