The cavern of Torogamar is home to the Great Trolls. Few men dare venture here, if they idiotically or bravely do, they will never come back.

Location Edit

The caves of Torogamar are located in the Tundra far northeast; easily recognizable by its long, flat shape. Most are drawn here by the treasure. The great trolls guard the entrance, with simple thatch houses outside.

Inhabitants Edit

These forbidden caverns are home to the Great Trolls of the North; a fell race of two-headed thirteen foot trolls. All of them are hostile to trespassers, and won't hesitate to smash them to a pulp, then devour them. Thankfully, the Great Trolls don't reproduce, so their are only a few of them, but they should not be underestimated, for they are as strong as two and a half mountain trolls put together. They are very unintelligent, so the structures in their caverns are just small thatch huts in corners.

Landscape Edit

The Torogamar is a fairly large cavern. The air itself is deadly; the stench of the Great Trolls is enough to make one sick and pass out. The landscape is deadlier, there are enormous, immovable boulders that are hard to see in the lightless cavern. Also, the stalagmites on the ground, which are sharp as swords can cut limbs with ease.

Etymology Edit

Torogamar means "Troll Home" in Sindarin.

Notable Treasures Edit

No hero would dare venture into the Torogamar. If they did, they would boast a treasure as legendary as, perhaps, a Ring of Power. The Ring of the Wraith is found here, as well as two Nimrolite Blades, countless troves of gold and silver, an Adamant Chestpiece, and the skull of the legendary King Kaldaron of Promethea.