The Moredain bow before the Lion Lord Mevans but before

the dragon Scalurung The Great terrorised the Moredain burning their villages and stealing their gold. But one day Biscuit from the realm of Minecraftia which is inside the smaller yet bigger land of Earth came. He rode for 3 Earth weeks to the Iron Hills a sword was forged there for him made out of Smaug the dragon's scales. This sword was named "Dragon's Bane" he rode for a Earth month to the Lair of Scalurung. The beast swallowed him yet he managed to cut his way through the brain and out the eye killing the dragon. He returned to the Moredain chieftains from all over the land to show them the skull of Scalurung on his head and their gold on his back he returned their gold and they proclaimed him Great Chief of all tribes and named him Dragon_Biscuit. He united them under one banner and showed them the true god Mevans the lion lord! -Made by Shamiir and Dragon_Biscuit on the official server 

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