The Tauredain come from a land by the Shire called "The Old Forest" the were once very few but when they came to Bree promising a better life free of War far to the South of the world they attracted many. There leader was one known as Kiowa The Green he lead them on a walk for 1 Earth month to the jungles of Far Harad. once there they saw more trees than they could count because of their history in the Old Forest they beleived trees powerful yet there was one tree in their capital that just seemed more sacred than the rest. This was no ordinary tree when Numenore explored the South they chopped down forests this tree came to life controlled the forest and destroyed the Numenoreans who attacked her forest. The Tauredain however didn't harm the trees for they knew they could destroy their villages. The Tauredain soon learned to tame the beasts that resembled earth's Elephants these beasts were called "Mumakil" when the Moredain first invaded the Mumakil destroyed them. When the Moredain returned with a force too great for even the mumakil and Tauredain the Great Tree used the power she used to destroy the Numenore invaders to destroy the Moredain invaders. -Made by Sauron 

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