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  • TheblueWizard

    2nd on the list...

    January 29, 2016 by TheblueWizard

    we atm are second on the top gainers of wikis... look at it!

    welp... that's really all.. i cant beleive we are second in the top gainers of WAM

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  • TheblueWizard

    ive looked around this wiki a bit, and ahve decided that some of you guys need to dumb your armyies a bit. 5 people claim to "have one of the best armies in middle earth" i advise some of you guys to change it up a bit, so we don't end up with a WAY too OP mod... here are the factions i found (greatest stratagy and good against Gondor) (White Uruks, with their brute strength and superior weapons, won almost every battle.) (The Blackbeard Dwarves had one of the best militaries in Middle-Earth, due to superior weaponry. ) (They are th…

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