The Wainriders are the most dangerous force in Rhûn. They once occupied all of Rhûn and some of the occupied factions still fight on their side.

Items Edit

Armour Edit

The armour of the Wainriders is made of an alloy made of bronze and gold called sunsteel. It is shaped to strike fear in the hearts of the enemy, with helmets shaped like dragons and their complete armour is covered in war trophies.

Weapons Edit

The wainriders use three primary weapons: the halberd, the axe, and the bow. Their halberds are probably the strongest in Middle-Earth only second to mithril ones. The axe is just like the halberd, but instead of nine feet, the axe is three feet tall. The last weapon is the bow, the bow is made in a special way using many layers of yew wood.

Rule Edit

The leader of all wainriders is the Sultan-Khan. Under him are the Lôke-rulers. There are five lôkes: Lôke-Los; the northernmost of the lôkes adjacent to Forodwaith, Lôke-Taure; The Easternmost of the lôkes adjacent to the wild wood of the Avari, Lôke-Morgul; the lôke adjacent to Mordor, Lôke-Ithin; the westernmost lôke situated in the Sea of Rhûn as an island, and Lôke-Anor; the center lôke in which the Sultan-Khans' capital is situated.

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